Le Voyage

Galop! Galop!

Yesterday, I was in a bit of a crabby mood. The last thing I wanted to do was take four kids to an organic food show (think the state fair, art’s and crafts, or car shows; lots of people) and wake up at 7am and return home after midnight. But I did just that. And of course, the time went by fast and for the most part it was bearable. 

Fast-forward to 9pm when all of the food stands are closing and the owners are covering their goods with linens so a late night passerby won’t snag any of their organic goodies. I have Cosme on my shoulders and we’re galloping through the aisles because their fatigue has begun to make them delirious, they needed some entertainment. I was delirious as well. But as I’m galloping through these aisles I think to myself how wonderful it is I get to experience that moment however silly it may sound. I’m in a gigantic industrial building with four kids, one on my shoulders, galloping without a care who is watching. 

Not too long ago I was asked, “So I’m assuming you like kids since you’ve been nannying all these years?” Well, yes, of course but in all honestly, over the years of nannying I’m not looking forward to having my own for awhile after I’m married. But I can’t help but daydream of what it would be like to have kids of my own one day and not care how silly I look when trying to entertain their imaginations. I can only imagine what Cosme was thinking atop my shoulders in those aisles.

I wasn’t aware either that while we were galloping they were setting up a stage for a Celtic band to play. A & AS fetch us to find a place to sit and eat before the music begins and we eat bread, cheese, Hemp beer, wine, pizza, and more cheese. We all sort of regain our consciousness from the long day and have energy to partake in the dancing. Didn’t see that coming. First I need you to imagine an organic food show. What kind of people do you think would come to such a food show? Well bohemians of course! Bohemians, hippies, gypsies you name it! Baggy clothes, dread locks, and lots of patchouli. So as the music starts, the kids are always the ones to start the dancing, Alice et Romane pull me into their circle of Lord of the Dance and we’re off. And then come the adults who do the same. So we’re in this huge industrial building surrounded by Celtic music. As we’re dancing I’m thinking about how I wish movies like Lord of the Rings were real. Dancing with all those people I didn’t know made me imagine what it was like when Celtic music originated and people took part in the dancing ritual in celebration of something. Not they had to celebrate anything, I’m sure half the time they didn’t celebrate something. But they partook in something together. I felt a part of a group of people I didn’t even know. May sound cheesy but it was a memorable moment for me. 

— 2 years ago